Tune In to Phonics

For kids aged 4-6 years

Make phonics your kid's companion with our 5-day 'Tune In to Phonics' course.


What is Phonics?

Phonics is a process in which a child learns that different letters make different sounds and a combination of letters make different sound. For example, a child learns that the letter ‘b’ says “buh” or the letters ‘i-n-g’ says “ing”.

3-Minute English Model

We at LettrLab have designed a new learning system accompanied by short bite-sized videos. Only 3 mins to complete and practice each exercise. It is enjoyable like a mini-game and your child is learning a lot in just 3 mins.



Expert and trained teachers 

Activity-based learning

Interactive sessions in Hindi

Practice worksheets

How Phonics can help your child become an Avid Reader?

  • Grasp the letter sounds not just the names.
  • Understand the letter-sound relationship
  • Sort out the reading process
  • Decode the letters and words
  • Independent reader
  • Simplifies the whole reading process
  • Ability to read almost any word
  • Enhances creativity
  • Removes confusion

Tune In to the Word Vibes with

Interactive stories

Fun games

Poems and songs

Listening activities

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  • For Kids Aged 3-6 years
  • 5-day course with flexible sessions that you can attend at your convenience.
  • The recorded sessions will be in Hindi so that the child and parent can understand easily.
  • Live Group Session with an expert teacher.
  • Membership to Blabber Club to engage with other students.
  • The next batch starts on 26th July 2021.
  • You will be added to Blabber Club (Whatsapp Group) once you register and pay for the course. All details will be communicated in the group.

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