Take your child's literacy to the next level!

Join the Fearless Speaker Advanced Program by LettrLab.


Live 1:1 International English classes for kids.

Its like having your own personal tutor!


The Fearless Speaker Advanced Program


We are really excited to present to you our 90 Day accelerated Program for kids aged 4-8.
Master the SECRETS to Speak Confidently while having lots of fun.
Learn without STRESS!!!

This Program Includes Everything Your Child Needs To Develop Great English Skills 

  • Live 1:1 Classes 

    12 Live 1:1 classes with expert teacher to upskill your child your child!
  • Live Group Sessions

    24 specially designed LIVE Bingo sessions and games for your child to enjoy learning while playing 
  • Fun Recorded Lessons

    36 recorded lectures and vocal training exercises from our expert teachers. Enjoy watching at your comfort.
  • Learning Strategy Webinars

    Weekly Learning Strategy Webinars for parents by Mr. Ambuj Jhunjhunwala (Learning Expert from MIT Boston)
  • Membership to the Blabber Club

    Blabber Club - A club of students all around the world and exchange your ideas.
  • Course Duration 

    Upto 90 Days

Over 10000 kids are upskilling their English communication through our platform!

Have a quick peek at our 1:1 lessons


Fun Group Lessons!

Specially designed 24 group lessons, so that your child never gets bored and loses focus


WANT PROOF? See for yourself! Watch our students perform!


Your child is Unique and yes she/he CAN!

1000s other students have learned the tricks and your child WILL too 

  • Learn TOP Secrets to understanding Phonics
  • Never have to worry about English
  • Easily gain Success in school
  • Develop the Love for Reading 
  • Be observed by others with jealousy

Our Mission


Learning a new language is often difficult. Even more so for kids! Do you remember your first day at school? SCARY, wasn't it? 

In a classroom setting, due to lack of attention, a few students miss out on learning as well as their classmates. 


LettrLab strives to solve this problem for you and your child.


At LettrLab we help children overcome the fear of learning English by adapting a curriculum that is fun and interesting. Our 1:1 teaching methodology ensures that your child has complete attention of the teacher.

Just like having your own personal tutor



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