Early Readers Program

Gift your child the skills to read early on

No need for the children to memorize the spellings anymore. LettrLab brings you a fun and multi-sensory approach for Phonics-based reading.

We teach not only the English alphabets but also the 42 main sounds of English, allowing young kids to become proficient readers


How can Phonics help your child become an Avid Reader?

Grasp the 42 letter sounds not just the names.

Understand the letter-sound relationship

Sort out the reading process

Decode the letters and words

Independent reader

Simplifies the whole reading process

Ability to read almost any word

Enhances creativity

Removes confusion

Powered by the most Scientific Curriculum

We at LettrLab have designed a new learning system accompanied by short bite-sized videos.

It takes only 3 minutes to complete and practice each exercise. It is enjoyable like a mini-game and your child is learning a lot in just 3 minutes.

Guided by expert instructors

Live doubt-solving sessions every week with an expert teacher. Also, Live Learning Strategy Webinar for the parents to explain the learning methodology that we follow.

We will guide you through simple, fun ways so that students can master English Communication Skills.

Pause and Play as per your child’s learning curve

We believe every child is unique and have their own learning curve.

We at LettrLab put control in your hands to adjust the pace of the lessons.  Our mission is to help your child fall in love with reading.

Here's what your child will get

Learn all 42 basic Phonics sounds

Develop Storytelling Skills

Become a Confident English Speaker

Become an Independent Reader

5 Recorded classes, 3 Live Sessions per Week

Worksheets and Fun quizzes

Still wondering what we have to Offer?

A complete learning package and lifetime confidence  for your child

  • For Kids aged 3.5-7 years 
  • Discount price of INR 2999/-, originally priced at INR 3999/- (limited time offer)
  • 50-day course with flexible pop classes that you can view at your convenience.
  • Live Doubt Solving Sessions every week with an expert teacher.
  • Membership to Blabber Club to engage with other students.
  • Bonus videos to practice speaking skills at the end of the program
  • Phonics and speech exercise worksheets
  •  Full access to your Personal Mentor via WhatsApp!

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Over 10,000 kids are upskilling their English communication through our platform!


Their confidence is our success!



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