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Take your child's English communication skills to the next level!

Live English classes for kids.

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Over 10000 kids are upskilling their English communication through our platform!


Courses offered by LettrLab

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Tune into Phonics


Course duration : 5 Days

Suitable for Kids Aged 3.5-7

Learning Strategy Webinar for parents 

Recorded Popclasses and Worksheets on WhatsApp.

Special Games for Learning English Phonics (Level 1 - SATPIN

Mentor calls with our expert teachers.

3 Live Group Lessons with an expert English Coach for clearing doubts and solving worksheets.

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Early Readers


Course Duration : 10 weeks

Suitable for Kids Aged 3.5 to 7

Master Phonics Levels 1 to 7

Mentor calls with our expert teachers

Full access to your Personal Mentor via WhatsApp!

Learn the 3-Minute English Model.

Recorded Popclasses and Worksheets on WhatsApp.

3 Live classes every week

₹75 per class

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Champion Program


Course Duration : Upto 1 year

Suitable for Kids Aged 3.5-10

90 Live 1:1 classes  with your Personal English Tutor

The 1:1 system - Let your child master English by establishing dialogue with a personal English Coach.

Specially designed LIVE group sessions and learning games

Recorded Popclasses and Worksheet

₹150 per Class

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How will LettrLab help your child?

With the 3Cs.
We will help enhance your child's Confidence, Communication, and Collaboration.
These are the key skills in developing personality and thought processes.

Our Mission

Learning a new language is often difficult. Even more so for kids! Do you remember your first day at school? SCARY, wasn't it?
At LettrLab we help children overcome the fear of learning English by adopting a curriculum that is fun and interesting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our curriculum is designed keeping you in mind. Our teachers customize to your immediate needs and your surroundings so that the child can relate to the Language and the teacher. Fun and engaging teachers are the first step to developing the Child's interest in the subject.

Days 1 to 3 : Access to Videos, Tips and Tricks, Fun games


Day 5 : Free One on One Live Class with any one of our expert teachers of your choice


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